Project I-M

Project I-M

Project I-M” is a project created by Saxion students supported by the Dutch branch of the Thales Group company located in Hengelo. The purpose is to create a short production film, featuring a photo realistic friendly robot, on a journey from the Thales factory across the Netherlands. The robot is actually the latest radar for naval security being produced by Thales. As an end goal the robot has to reach his designated ship and transform into the radar which will be the eyes and ears of the ship. The robot is a mascot, which purpose is to attract young engineers to search for a career within Thales.

“The ACTUAL VIDEO got released on 1 July 2016. Click here to follow the blog post including the final video.”

My role in this project was as follow:

  • Concept art
  • Modeling (3Ds Max)
  • Rigging (3Ds Max – used as a tool for modeling and checking penetrations)
  • 3D printing preparations
  • UV mapping with LOD and packing UVs (Autodesk 3Ds Max)
  • HumanIK rigging (Autodesk Maya)
  • Storyboard
  • 3D animation (Autodesk Maya)
  • Preparing Transformation

For more information regarding to the project you can visit Project I-M blog. The tasks and people are separated by clickable Tags on the right hand side.