The Ancient Tabu Dagu is an advertising installation aimed to promote a local store in the town of Enschede, the Netherlands. The Onze Wereld (Our World) store was selling assortment from Asia, Africa and South America. The items include food items such as coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, oil, spices and more. The non-food merchandise is composed of statues, masks, dinnerware, bowls, vases, baskets, hammocks, candlesticks, toys and many more varieties of hand-crafted souvenirs. The shop was also taking orders for exclusive items that make exotic gifts. Onze Wereld was a member of the Humanitasorganization. They were a partner in the Fair Trade and People’s Trust programs. All the employees up to the manager level were volunteers.
The project was realized within a 5-month time frame by a team of six students of the Saxion University of Applied Sciences.
The exhibit lasted three days during July 2013. The installation was later bought by the university as a showcase for new students.

My tasks in this project were “3D Design and Assistant Builder”. The base of this installation was made by wood and the outside material was cardboard. I used “pepakura” software in order to create the cardboard templates while they got cut by help of another student using a laser-cutter at out University.

Other people involved in the project were:
Antoan Stanev: Project Manager & Coder
Paco Schewe: Electronics Technician & Web Admin
Ivaylo Petrov: Installation Builder & Assistant 3D
Gaile Martinenaite: Graphic Design & Animation
Jan Hejbowicz: Video Production & PR