Tabu-Dagu installation

About Me

Hajir Gharib

Driving License:           B
Date Of Birth:             27.01.1985 
English:                   Fluent 
Dutch:                     Basic level(A2)

Attitude:                                         Software:                                 Skills:

-3D Generalist          3DsMax                  Modeling         
-Team player            Maya                    UV mapping       
-Open to critics        Photoshop               Texturing        
-Flexible               Aftereffects            Rigging          
-Initiative             Premiere Pro            Skinning         
-Pipeline aware         Illustrator             Animation        
-Up for challenges      Mental Ray              Lighting          
-Open for learning      Vray                    Rendering        
 and improvement        Quixel DDo              Concept Art      
                        XNormal                 Storyboard       
                        SubstanceD              Drawing          
                        Zbrush                  3D printing      
                        MarvelousD              Sculpting


2015-Present         Self-studies/           Online resources
2011-2015            Art and Technology      Saxion University
                     Bachelor of Sciences
2004-2007            Private drawing classes

Work experiences:

2008-Present         Various Freelance Projects
2016-Present         Fablab                   Saxion - Enschede
                      -3D Design
                      -3D Printing
                      -Laser cutting
2015-2016            Various Projects         C4Real - Enschede
                     & tasks
2013-2015            Project I-M              Team CRAFT - VFX
                     Commercial for THALES    Enschede
2010-2011            Various Projects         Yek Lahze Khial
                      -3D Character Modeler   Animation studios
                      -3D Environment support
2008-2010            Flying Trash bin         Negah e Ayande
                      -3D Character Modeler   Animation studios
                      -Scene Optimization

                     Water Consumption series
                      -3D Character Modeler
                      -3D Environments
2008-2009            Mehrabanan               Roozegar e Torfeh 
                      -3D Character Modeler   Animation studios 
                      -Lighting support
2007-2008            Great Scientist          Hoor
                      -Animator               Animation studios
                      -3D modeling support
2007-2008            3D Character Modeler     Afarinesh 
                                              Animation studios


- Sketching and Drawing (Instagram)
- Watching tutorials and gaining skills
- Watching movies and anthology series
- Playing piano (or playing with the piano)
- Going to the Gym (or workout at home)